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Sound Advertising Group provides advertising agency services for all types of products, services, and industries. Whether you're looking for b2b marketing, sales leads, or creative and design services, we can help build our maintain a successful marketing campaign.
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Affiliate CPA Marketing

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a great, low-risk method of advertising your brand or generating leads.  Typically using a CPA (Cost Per Action) model, advertisers pay only at the time of successful transaction, accepted lead, or other pre-determined “action.”  We have decades of CPA network experience and power some of today’s most popular and successful affiliate network offers.

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Pay Per Call

The goal of pay-per-call marketing is to drive calls to your sales staff or contact center.  Using our proprietary technology, we are able to track and record calls generated by publishers.  Pay-per-call marketing is another low-risk approach to driving calls to your organization, as you only pay for calls meeting predetermined criteria such as call length or on a particular call disposition.

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Pay Per Call Capmaigns
PPC / Media Buying

PPC & Media Buying

We are happy to sit down and review your media buying and pay per click marketing.  Our team can help manage keywords and spends while leveraging our technology and relationships, identify opportunities for up-sells, phone sales, email triggers and other marketing initiatives that lower your overall marketing expenses, making room in your budget to scale your program.

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Real-Time Leads

Leverage our network of lead buyers and sellers at to purchase real-time leads generated from our own web properties or those of trusted publishers. If you’re currently capturing leads, we can help sell those that don’t match your ideal customer profile or location to our network of lead buyers, earning you revenue on a lead that may have otherwise been of little or no value.

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Buy Real-Time Leads