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Sound Advertising Group, LLC is a Seattle-based creative advertising agency. We offer online marketing, technology and lead generation consulting and services for all types of organizations.
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Strategy Planning

Creative Strategy Planning

We love sitting down with our clients and helping to develop a complete strategy and process.   From designing landing pages and creatives to driving traffic, routing lead data, visitors intelligently based on input, location, device, and nurturing those leads all the way through the sales process and beyond.  Contact us today and let’s brainstorm!

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Landing Page Design

While we design great landing pages for both desktop and mobile browsers, we also possess expertise that is rarely found within other agencies.   We also handle form validation, data posting, intelligently distributing leads to buyers, and/or contact centers, CRMs, auto-responders, APIs, and databases.  And we are experts and up-sells and “thank you page” opportunities.

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Landing Page Design
Creative Assets

Advertising Assets & Creatives

A great product needs great assets.  Sound Advertising Group can design and manage all of your creatives, including email marketing campaigns, nurture campaigns, thank you pages, banners, as well as audio and video and any other type of online and offline advertising or marketing creatives you can imagine.

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A/B Testing & Analytics

Just because you love a design doesn’t mean a consumer or prospect is going to feel the same way.  It all comes down to conversions.  We have the tools and experience to do A/B testing on advertising creatives and landing pages as well as the ability to translate and analyze the results.

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