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Sound Advertising Group, LLC is a Seattle-based advertising, lead generation, and development consulting company. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.
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Lead flow & distribution

Whether you already have a lead generation program going or are just building one,  save yourself the headache of trial and error.  Leverage Sound Advertising Group’s experience, relationships, and tools to create a traffic and lead flow that is not only providing quality leads but is automated and self-sufficient, offsetting advertising dollars with additional up-sell revenues.

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Email marketing process

Anyone who has attempted email marketing has most likely run into some roadblocks.  Let us review your process and help optimize your email marketing program.  We have decades of combined email marketing experience under our belts and keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry.  We can help ensure compliance, manage list data, setup triggers and get the right tools in place for your organization’s email marketing goals.

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Email Marketing

Up-sells and partnerships

When you drive potential customers or prospects to your site or landing page, you have most likely made some type of financial investment to get them there. As hard as you might be trying with your ad copy, not every visitor is right for your product or service.  You can let that traffic just go away and lose your investment or you can offset your advertising expenses by working with the right partners to find a good home for these consumers.

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Process Improvement

It’s easy for companies to get trapped in the day-to-day activities of programs they have been running for awhile.  We are available to help draw out your current process and assist in making modifications to increase profitability and maximize earning potential.  Sound Advertising Group is a very logic-based, processed oriented organization.  We believe in documentation, processes, and most of all generating the maximum amount of revenue possible for our customers.

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Strategy Planning